Meet the Code for Cause Track
Partnering non-profits with hackathons to give you the opportunity to solve real problems and create real impact.

What is the Code for Cause track?

Build real solutions for real nonprofits at hackathons near you.


You can expect great prizes, just like any other track.

Great on a Resume

Colleges and employers love seeing real projects that help real nonprofits.


Put your coding skills to a good use and give back to your community.

Past Code for Cause Partnered Hackathons

Ohlone Hacks

April 14
International Youth Tobacco Control (IYTC)

OhloneHacks was Code for Cause's first time implementing the Code for Cause Track. It was a 14-hour hackathon that took place at Ohlone College, bringing together over 100 high school and community college students.


Apr 20
Mountain House
Global Youth Security

MountainHacks invited high-schoolers from all experience levels to Mountain House High School. Organized by students from the school, this in-person hackathon had tons of cool stuff: food, swag (merch), workshops, prizes, and dev tools!

Milpitas Hacks

May 25

Milpitas Hacks was the first high school hackathon in Milpitas started by Milpitas Unified School District students. Over 100 students registered for this event committed to the inclusion of women in STEM.

More hackathons coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions
So who runs the hackathons?
The hackathons that we partner with typically have their own organizing team. We serve as the middle man, connecting the nonprofit to the hackathon.
Can I get service hours?
Yes, because you are building a project for real 501(c)3 nonprofits, you can get service hours for time spent coding.
Who can participate?
If you can participate in the hackathon we are partnered with, you can participate in the Code for Cause track.
How do I get notified when a hackathon is happening?
Join our email list and we'll send you an email whenever we partner with a new hackathon!
Who are the judges?
The judge panel will vary from hackathon to hackathon, but they will typically be a mix of nonprofit representatives and hackathon organizers.
What happens after the hackathon?
After the hackathon, we'll connect you with the nonprofit to continue working on the project if you'd like. This is great for earning service hours and recommendation letters!
Looking for our 2023 Code for Cause Hackathon? It's right here!